Featured Member Quilts: January 21


We’d like to thank Jeanne Jones for posting 2 of her quilts on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. This one is very intricate and shows a wonderful sense of color and progression. We think this is the Broken Star pattern but would like our readers to confirm that. The Broken Star is one of the most ornate of the pieced star patterns. It is vibrant and full of energy. Thank you so much, Jeanne, for sharing it with us!


Many of us make quilts to give away, not only for gifts to family and friends but also for residents of nursing homes, children who are in hospitals or foster care, those who have lost their homes in disasters and to others who may just need a sign of caring. This is one of six quilt crib tops Lynn Oliver made in just five days in the summer of 2011 during a mission trip to Crow Creek Reservation. The tops were left for member of the Senior Center there to quilt and give out to families with babies. The only thing we can say is Bravo to those of you who help keep others warm!


Shirley Deslatte just recently finished up this small wall-hanging or table topper. It’s just in time for Valentine’s! She used scraps to make it. Those of us who are quilters are thrifty aren’t we? We love the clear colors. Love is clear. Right?


Kelly Dilliner made this beautiful quilt for her husband who has been in the US Navy for 14 years…and counting. The Friendship Star pattern can be modified in so many ways. Notice, too, the traditional 5 pointed star stitched as part of the quilting in the blue triangles. Thanks, Kelly, for sharing it with us.


Our feature yesterday about quilts that are finished from the pieces that others left behind inspired Karen Carney to share this beauty with our community. She writes that the quilt is “going to a youth auction. The “plates” were given to me years ago by someone getting rid of her family’s quilting blocks. I revamped the center piece with turquoise instead of the ugly orange it had, mounted them on black and added the turquoise banding–another fabric gift from a deceased quilter.” It is very beautiful and we like the use of the turquoise. The plates now look fresh and bright. Thank you for your post.

We’d love to see your quilts, too. Just post them on our 24 Blocks Facebook page, along with the pattern name (if it has one) and a short description. We love vintage quilts as well as new ones. Happy Quilting!

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