Featured Member Quilts: January 27

Pat Spencer shared with us this quilt she finished from a top she found at a yard sale. She writes,

“Here is one of my garage sale rescue’s. I call it a rescue quilt because I buy them at garage sales where someone’s mother, Aunt, Grandmother, etc. started the quilt, but for what ever reason was unable to finish (generally because the person passed away) and her family decides to sell it (instead of paying someone to finish it for them). So I rescue them and try to best of my ability to finish it the way I think she was going to put it together. Does anyone else do this ??” We love it, we love the knowledge that someone else’s skill and art is completed. Thanks, Pat, for your meaningful post.
Carol Brownfield shared with us a quilt she also completed from a garage sale rescue. She writes “I would like to share a picture of my Orange Peel quilt. The prints are almost all from old flour/salt sacks. The solids are alternating pink and blue. I bought the top at a garage sale at the home of Marion Zimmerman in Lake Tapawingo, Missouri in 1988. I assume that she hand pieced the top but I do not know that for sure. I am really proud to say that I hand quilted and finished it myself.” Thanks, Carol; work done long ago still brings beauty.
Bow tie
Jenny Thomson posted several quilts on our 24 Blocks Facebook page that appear to be either new, or very well maintained, quilts based on vintage patterns. We liked this cheerful Bow Tie with the larger blocks on the border. Thanks, Jenny, for sharing them with us.
Marsha Murray shows how small things left can be compiled to help create a beautiful memory. She writes

“I bought a bag of scraps at my grandmothers auction after she passed away. I think she would have liked the way this quilt turned out. All hand pieced and hand quilted. I really like yo yo’s so I added them to the center of the stars. I think it added to the quilt.” We agree! We love the yo yo’s! Thank you for sharing this good story with our community.
Joanne Watson posted this classic Drunkards Path that had spent 70 years in a steamer trunk. The red and white was so popular for the pattern. It always beautiful.

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