Featured Member Quilts: January 29

Patty 1
This is such a beautiful quilt! 24 Blocks Facebook member Patty Betts shared it with our community. She writes “I made this for a granddaughter for her twin bed. She wanted orange, pink, blue, yellow, green… Grandmothers fan. I did a little creative applique of flowers. My friend that does my long-arm quilting said in all the quilts she has ever done she has never seen petals “falling from the flowers”. She liked!”. We like, too! Thanks Patty!


Suzanne Gibson writes that she made this lovely quilt in memory of her son Bruce. It is hand pieced and hand appliqued. We use our art to help keep memories going. We make warmth in many ways. Thanks you, Suzanne, for your post and sharing this beauty with us.


Don’t you love pinwheels on baby quilts? It reminds us of the days when we were young and held up the little play ones that came on sticks and watched the wind rotate them around. Christine Woodring made this baby quilt. We love its chrispness. The small blocks on the border seem to frame the movement of the pinwheels. Thanks, Christine, for sharing it with us.

While Patty Betts , who also did the first quilt in today’s feature, also posted the beautiful top for this quilt, we wanted to feature the back because of the type of label she uses. Patty writes “I made nap-wrap qults for 3 of my grandchildren one year and for the label I put their “current” photo on the label. It was especially for the 2 girls as theirs were of the same fabric, just arranged differently.” We love this way of linking a quilt made for a specific child with their photo and the label of the maker. For decades, the grown children will be able to say “This is what I looked like when my Grandmother made this for me.” We just have to keep the memories going. Thank you, Patty!

Karlene Parks has been making 7 quilts for her grandchildren. This one uses paneled fabric in the “Sidelight Pattern”. Karlene embroidered the designs in each panel. It’s sure to be a treasure for decades. It sparkes with fairy magic!

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