Featured Member Quilts: January 29

Tonight we’d just like to feature a few quilts that all seem to be captivating and scintillating like colorful lights. All were shared with us by members of our quilting community at 24 Blocks. We hope you enjoy them, too.

from: Dianne Sharman Kirby: “Another quilt top finished. Hope it’s a long winter. Lots to do.”

Dianne’s quilt is amazingly intricate and we all know that it has taken her a long time to make. She also writes: “This is a Piecemaker’s Quilt. It is the second one that I have made and…, yes, they are a lot of work but it is a love of mine. I just enjoy any form of applique, embroidery, etc… It will be queen size and, when finished, have train tracks around on the border.”

from: Pat Reaid Sisler: “This quilt is called sticks and strings. It was originally large string blocks and I changed them up by cutting into 5″ squares and adding sashings. Love the results. First finished UFO of 2014!”

from: Cherrie Routon: “This is a lemoyne star quilt that I just finished. Didn’t make for last Christmas but all set for next year.”

from: Linda Deis: “This is an up close photo of the border.”

You can see a photo of a larger portion of Linda’s wonderful quilt here. She writes: “The star blocks are from Laundry Basket Quilts pattern Shooting Star. I wasn’t too enamored with the quilt, just the block. I combined it with machine embroidered mums. The mums are all in different color thread as are the stars. When I got ready to assemble. I decided to do it as a quilt as you go. I wanted a specific border on each of the blocks, so the gray you see around the star blocks is the flip side of the fabric bordering the mum blocks. This causes the back of the quilt to be a grey and black checkerboard. The border is made from taking the pattern for a point on the star, reducing it on the copier and turning it into flower petals. The machine quilting just on the border strips too a hour and forty-five minutes per side… I gave the quilt to a friend and her husband because she loved it. It resides on their bed.”

Thanks to Linda, Cherrie, Pat, Dianne and everyone else who has shared their artistry. We hope that tonight’s feature helps to inspire and maybe, too, even beat back some of the cold that is outside.

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