Featured Member Quilts: January 31 Afternoon

Hello again. This afternoon we’d like to feature three quilts that seem to catch the light and shadow in a timeless way. We hope you enjoy seeing them and that they are inspiring for your own creativity and fabric experimentation.

from: Barbara Gibson: “This shows how the stippling makes the plates appear to pop out….”

This photo showing Barbara’s use of strippling gives a perfect look at the technique’s depth-producing effects. “Strippling” is a technique for close stitching, during the quilting process, of parts of the work. Generally it is done on those areas that are meant to serve as a background. It is now mostly done by machine and often has a meandering, but repetitive, look with the lines fairly close together, thus flattening down the surface. That makes the non-strippled pieces “pop”, giving them more dimension. Strippling in other forms of art refers to using small dots to simulate shading or density.

from Sylvia Smith-Dye: “A Storm at Sea quilt I made in 20 days for a wedding.”

We love it! Well done, Sylvia, especially for just 20 days!

from: Paula Balog Spiece: “Yellow and gray was a challenge for a baby quilt, but the Framed Nine Patch worked out nicely.”

Paula’s work has a timeless look. It is very well done and will be cherished for generations.

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