Featured Member Quilts: January 9

Donna Deal

Donna Deal posted this cheerful vintage hand pieced top on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. She is in the process of quilting it. One of the nice things about building a social media community devoted to quilting is that we help each other out and enjoy seeing and commenting on each other’s work. Many of our readers have commented on this quilt top. Donna knows that it is at least 40 years old and had been kept in a chest. It now has new life. And we agree with Donna; it is an honor to quilt it. Thanks, Donna, for your post!

Peg Yates shows a bright creativity with this design. She says, “I am working on building an inventory of small quilted wall pieces to eventually put in an etsy shop. This was the first block, 4.5″ tall, with 19 pieces of fabric, one of six blocks that will make a ‘pie’ circle, the greens will be toward the center.” We think it is going to be fantastic when done and look forward to seeing it. Bravo, Peg!

Some of us have already started new projects for 2013 and this is Barbara Gibson’s. Our readers enjoy interacting with Barbara. Quilters piece their lives and friendships together, too. Thank you for your post, Barbara and our best wishes go to you!

We all interested in the health and we really like this breast cancer awareness quilt Brenda Brumble is working on. She’ll use it for good, to help spread the word. Thank you, Brenda, for sharing with our community!


Coming from a family where a minister was given a hand pieced and embroidered friendship quilt around around 1900, we at 24 blocks know that this one, done by Deb Richards, will be treasured for as long as the fabric exists. Deb made this bow-tie based flag quilt to be used as the guest book for her minister’s retirement party. We do keep the memories alive. Thanks for the post, Bev.

We’d love to see your quilting project, or a favorite quilt from days gone by. Come to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/24Blocks and share with us your photos and comments!

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