Featured Member Quilts: January 9

Hello again from 24 Blocks. We hope you enjoy seeing the quilts we select every day to feature. Most all are from our readers. We do inspire each other and it’s so much fun to see the quilts “in progress” and finished. There’s so much variety. Here’s just a sample of a few that have recently been shared with us.

from Eve Bell: “I love the quilts of color. I recently finished one that I plan to enter in the county fair this year. Making this quilt was so different for me, way outside my color box as I tend to stick with a quieter tone. This picture is before I quilted it. When I quilted it, I found a variegated thread that had all the bright colors of the quilt. I did a black backing and the same thread in the top and bobbin, it is absolutely striking!

We love colorful quilts, too, and will be looking forward to hearing that Eve’s work is a winner at the fair!

from Brenda Young:I donate quilt I make on a regular basis to a local children’s charity, I donated this one yesterday.”

There is nothing we love hearing more than about quilts made and given for charity. This one is so well done, too! And, we have to say, a greenhouse clearly makes a great spot for a display! Both the quilt and the location can make us think of spring!

from: Martha Plante: “A Simple Nine-Patch, with Drunkard’s Path border corners, and 84 different batiks & Asians from my stash. My simplest quilt – and one of my favorites (so far!)”

We always love seeing everything done by Martha. There’s always a wonderful mixture of the simple with the elegant. Her we have the tradition of skillful quilting along with the Nine Patch. It is beautiful.

from: Nancy Vincent: “here’s a new quilt .top is done”

Nancy’s work is always magnificent. The colors she’s used in this work of art gives it a wonderful calming feel. It is elegant!

Thanks to everyone! Quilt On!

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