Featured Member Quilts: July 25

There are just so many things that are wonderful about this great photo posted by Danielle Robin Nelson Catanese. It’s always good to see smiling quilters, and also good to see those who look like nurses or doctors. In days long gone most quilters were full-time homemakers. Now most of us who haven’t retired are employed. Sometimes we can cut or sort fabric or do some hand stitching during breaks. Other times it becomes relaxation in the evenings and on weekends.

Danielle’s quilt is beautiful and has a vintage-look charm to it. She writes,

“Thisis my latest creation for my friend Viola’s birthday. I bought the pre-cut triangles in Paducah this year and she helped me sort them on the night shift when we weren’t busy. I named the quilt “Triangles at Work” and she loved it!

We’d just like to say Thank You for your post and bravo for the “can do” spirit of those on the night shift!

Joe Lehr’s quilt is a testimony to how brave spirits keep on creating even when things are hard. There’s so much satisfaction and peace when we can design and create something of beauty. Joe writes,

“Ihave been quilting for about 2 months now..and decided that I would make myself one to honor my fight with the cancers I have. Lime Green is for Lymphoma, Orange is or Leukemia and Purple is for Survivor!!!”

It really is a very well done quilt. There’s a fresh spirit to it, a movement and amazing to see after only 2 months of experience. We’re all hoping that the next quilt we see from Joe has even more Purple! Thanks, Joe, for posting it so we all can share in your creativity.

Suzanne Winch’s baby quilt is so pleasing and sweet. The colors are soft and complimentary and the solids go so well with the patterned material. We’d like to thank Suzanne, too, for giving good information about the pattern she used and the fabric. Here is what she said in her post:

“Thisbaby quilt was made for my first great-granddaughter using Winnie the Pooh “Day in the Park” fabrics. I fussy cut each center square and sidetriangles to get all the scenes included in the quilt, used pastels forthe blocks and angle-cut the borders. The pattern is from the book, “Joy of Quilting”, called “Bed and Breakfast”. Although it doesn’t lookanything like the pattern picture, (because of fabrics used) I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, but even more thrilled with the way my first great-granddaughter turned out. She is truly a wonder of creativity and love!

All those of us who get to quilt for babies know that feeling! Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing it with us.

Those of us who have worked in cubicles before know that they can use brightening up. Barbara Keith has done that in a wall-hanging she designed herself. She writes,

“Iwill soon be celebrating a year at my new job. My cubicle was so boringthat I created this Scrappy Rainbow Quilt from my stash, including buttons in fun shapes that I had acquired when my kids were young. The only thing I bought was orange butterfly buttons. I get so much enjoyment looking at this while I sit at my computer. It is my own design, and hand quilted.

It’s always good to see a rainbow…and good to use up some from “the stash”. Thank you, Barbara, for inspiring us! You have brightened up our day, too.

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