Featured Member Quilts: July 29

All the beautiful quilts featured today were made by our readers. The captions are all in their own words. We do inspire each other!

“I finally finished it… I had it long arm quilted by Tranquilty Creations. Jackie is amazing.” — Debra Forster

“Ifinished this wonderful quilt for a good friend. It is made up of her Father’s shirts. He had past away awhile back and I wanted to give her something to remember him by and to wrap up in when she felt sad.” … “Iused Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Tutorial “Big Star Quilt” with 5″ squares instead of 10″. Thanks to the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Tutorials for great lessons on making quilts.” — Marti Byrne

by Ollie Brooks

“Thisis a Pacific Rim Company pattern done in purple batiks and blue. A takeon Hawaiian quilting that has dolphins and sea turtles. Hand Applique and Hand quilted. Soft flannel backed in mottled blue. Made for my Godsister’s niece. 55″ x 55”.” — Robyn Kocyla

“Thisis a quilt that I made for a river boat captain. It’s a king size and the boat is to scale. I used an actual blueprint to get the pattern… The yorkie in the background is Maggie.” — Debbie McCoy

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting with our 24 Blocks Facebook community. It always helps to see the work of others, to learn about the patterns and techniques used and to know that we’re all helping a centuries-old art form stay alive.

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