Featured Member Quilts: July 6 Evening

We hope that everyone has had a great weekend. Sunday evenings are a good time to think about the things that bring us joy and peace. Quilting, along with the joys of family and friends, gives many of us that sense of goodness and calm. We hope you enjoy these quilts we’ve selected from recent member posts. Our thanks go to Debra, Starr and Cathy for sharing them with all of us.

from: Cathy Blanchard: “My July 4 project…sewing on the final borders. All the hand-appliquÈ is complete.”

from: Starr Oppy DeJesus: “I just finished this variation of a log cabin that I started in Flavin Glover’s class at the 2014 Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in March. Each finished strip was 1/2″.”

from: Debra Hoth Caddell: “I Had lots of fun with these Kaffee Fassett fabrics! The pattern is in one of his books, I changed the border up because I like the swirl movement. It is hand appliquÈ and hand quilted. This is the favorite of any quilt I have made over the past 15 years.”

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