Featured Member Quilts: July 9 Evening

Hello again from 24 Blocks. Tonight we’d like to feature a few quilts that all have the feeling of complexity. They draw us in. All were recently shared with us by our readers. Their work is beautiful. Thanks go to Judy, Denise, Butsie and Debra for sharing their love of quilting with us all.

from: Judy Dickerson Rudolph: “This is a quilt I just finished for my sister, a big Clemson Tiger fan.”

from: Debra Hoth Caddell: “I made this from an antique pattern I bought on EBay. The instructions were less than ideal and it was VERY difficult. I did the best I could. “

from: Butsie Rivers: “I started this quilt out with a block pattern I saw for Irish Chain and made the rest of it up as I went along. I loved the idea of the Celtic Knots for the border and made ‘miles’ of the tubes to construct them. They were so much fun to make. I hand quilted it all.”

from: Denise L. Rosen: “A photo from Denise”

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