Featured Member Quilts: June 10


We’d like to thank Amy Hagen for posting this photo of an amazing quilt made by her mother. It’s colorful and creative and, we can tell, so well done! Amy’s mother designed the quilt herself and made her own pattern for the cowboy boots. She made the quilt for her oldest granddaughter as a wedding gift and used the couple’s jeans for the boot material in the middle! Amy says that her mom has 10 grandchildren and has vowed to make a quilt for each when they are married. It’s such an inspiration for the rest of us. Gifts like this say Love.

Bargello quilts have that unique look of a rich medieval tapestry with a modern twist. Vicki Ibarra‘s is just magnificent and we’d like to say “thank you” for her sharing of it with our 24 Blocks quilting community on Facebook. Vicki writes,

“Thisis my 1st Bargello quilt. I used Bargello Made Easy by Barb Lynn. I think it is my new favorite quilt. Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph very well, I think it is the gold on all the Oriental fabrics. It is much prettier in person.

We think it photographs well! Vicki also posted a close up of it with her sweet dog Razzie but we’ll save that for the next Caterday!

We all love historic quilts and everything about the long tradition of quilting. Angela Fallas posted this photo of an early quilt, @1800, from an exhibit at the Historical Society at New Town, Connecticut. Knowing that quilts this old came from hand dyed fabrics and that they have survived for over 200 years tells the story of many people who took care to make and preserve them. Let’s say Bravo to all the museums who help conserve delicate and historic quilts!

We’d just like to encourage everyone to look closely at Diane Larson’s wall-hanging. She just said, when she posted, “My corn quilt“. But look at it. Notice how the colors move from deep at the lower left to almost white at the upper right, as if the sun was shining on the corn. Notice, too the crow and what we think are the pink flowers of a vine, maybe the pumpkin? Just love it, Diane!

And, we just have to conclude this afternoon with Eva Wallace’s very delightful baby quilt. Just look at the smile on that red-faced caterpillar and the expression on the frog! The tic-tac-toe blocks are creative, too. It’s a happy quilt. Eva writes,
“Baby quilt for Parker – own design/quilted by Frankie Schmitt, Dizzy Stitches.

Thanks to all of you for sharing inspiration and the appreciation of quilting!

We learn from each other. Happy Stitches!

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