Featured Member Quilts: June 13

941106_3225390609908_1299462322_nPatricia Ogden‘s quilted wall hanging is just magnificent. It’s captivating, too. We can all spend just a whole lot of time looking at the details. Notice the flip-flops at the base of the steps? The beach bag, the sea gull? Patricia just writes, “One of the 12 months…..my favorite place.” Those of us who’d like to be at the beach right now stitching up some blocks from a beach chair or rocking on a porch are already dreaming…. Thank you, Patricia, for inspiring us…. Hummm… there’s a sand castle, too!

9357_656924637670550_368670508_nYes, this is Joy Maupin’s first completed quilt. Ok, the rest of us remember our first quilts…. Joy’s is just beautiful. We agree with one of the commentors on it, “Wow…that’s crazy good!” The name of the quilt pattern is “Surf Song”. The only thing we can say to Joy is “Great work! It’s encouraging for all our readers who haven’t yet started.”

969470_10201477746371991_1346904280_nWe featured one of Kathleen Castillo‘s blocks yesterday for the Block of the Month (BOM) quilt her guild is doing. This is another one of the blocks, using Oriental fabrics. We really like it. Notice how she has several stems with their flowers cascading over the basket but yet harmonious with the basket fabric? Notice, too, that the center of each flower has a bead– or bling as Kathleen calls them. Thanks so much, Kathleen, for showing us the variety that fabrics can bring to the same design.

1017215_10200834106727213_745563567_nWe go from a beach house to the surf to a flower basket and now to a pink pig in this delightful quilt made by Amy Hans. Amy just writes, “Yay my teenage daughter’s quilt is finished:)“. Notice that the pig is happy and is stopping to smell a blue flower. Notice his little tail, too. So cute!

We’d like to end this evening by showing you both the front and back of a very beautiful quilt (below) made by Susie Duncan Williams. It measures 75×67 inches. Susie made it for her sister-in-law and her brother. Her sister-in-law travels in Asia and loves these colors. Susie created the design herself. It’s hard to know which side is the most captivating… and that is part of the charm.


Thank you to everyone who has shared their work with our quilting community at 24 Blocks. We do inspire each other!

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