Featured Member Quilts: June 15

Good evening again from 24 Blocks. Tonight we’re featuring three quilts that seem to bring some sunshine and warmth with them. All use yellow or gold combined with other colors in a most pleasing way. They are all very different, but each is beautiful. We’d like to thank Patsy, Patti and Alena for sharing them with us. Patti’s comes with a special meaning. We hope you find it as giving of warmth as we did. It was a labor of love for when families need it the most.

from: Patti Kaulback: “A labor of love for hospice patients and families. Quilters love nothing more than sharing their craft, and families of Alive Hospice patients in Tennessee are benefiting from two quilters’ labor of love. Losing a family member or friend is a heartbreaking time, and a heartfelt gesture goes a long way in giving comfort. As patients leave Alive Hospice Residence Nashville after they’ve passed away, they’re covered with a quilt lovingly designed by quilters Patti Kaulback and Shirlene Carnaghi. It’s one final, personal touch that shows someone cares at a time when it’s needed most. The Alive Hospice quilt took 54 hours to create, measuring 72î x 120î and made with 14î square blocks of Moda Crackle solids. It was custom-quilted by Stover Quality Quilting of Stover, Mo. For more information about Alive Hospice, visit www.AliveHospice.org.”

from: Patsy Grant: “From Sea to Shining Sea”

from: Alena Mae Doty: “Last day of school. Summer is around the corner…My Ocean Waves Quilt…”

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