Featured Member Quilts: June 18

1002085_4546450593874_504481708_nThe photo of Marian Keating’s Sunflower quilt would put any famous artist to shame! Not only is her quilt stunning, but she’s shown it here in a landscape that matches some of the fabric and motif in the quilt. This is what Marian says:

“Ireally like two block quilts. When I put these two together I saw that the star blocks could be sunflowers. I used a variety of michael Miller Landscape fabrics as a background. I really like the way it turned out.

Marian writes, also, that there’s no pattern for it and that it’s the fabric choices that make it work. It’s been popular with our readers. As one said “It sings of spring.” Thank you, Marian, for inspiring us!

1011819_10200948994441304_708804996_nJanis McQueen made this “Oopsie Daisy” quilt for her granddaughters room when they come to stay over. It’s a happy quilt. We don’t any of our readers have posted one before made from the Oopsie Daisy pattern. A quick “google” shows that it’s available from several sources. Thanks, Janis, for showing it to us. It’s lovely!

1000909_328113693989296_773484210_nIsn’t this one of the main reasons we quilt? Words can not express the love and warmth shown in this photo posted by Barb de Dios. She simply said, “Mom loved her quilt!” That says it all. Thank you, Barb, for letting us see not only the quilt, but the hands of gratitude.

968932_608935475792969_1136246229_nPeggy Dunning’s quilt shows us that work doesn’t always have to be done just right now. We’re artists and we can take our time and take up new projects. Peggy started her quilt in the 1970’s and finished it in 2003, making lots of other quilts in between those years. It is hand embroidered and hand quilted. Each block is for a state in the US, with its state bird, flower and date it entered the Union. It’s beautiful and honors American history. Thanks, Peggy, for posting it on 24 Blocks.

944718_286496588163187_894797827_nWe’d like to encourage everyone to look at the details in this beautiful quilt. The best description of it comes from Gwendalee Cascio who writes,

“Thisis a friendship quilt that my co-workers and I put together for our friend who was retiring after 28 years serving school lunch! We each made a sun bonnet sue block, and I added the rest of the traditional pieced blocks to fill the space. We had lots of fun quilting together tomake this stitched memory for our friend.

It’s obvious that Sue has had some adventures. It’s a delightful work of art. Thank you so much, Gwendalee, for sharing it with our quilting community. It says so much of friendship when co-workers come together to make something that takes time, skill, and admiration. Such an honor!

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