Featured Member Quilts: June 2

We’d like to encourage our readers to look closely at the scenes in this beautiful wall hanging posted by Cindy Scott Cramer. It was all recently done, all by hand, by Cindy’s 80 year old mother-in-law. Cindy says she has made many quilts, lap quilts, wall hangings and table runners. The detail is this work of art is amazing. The scenes in the last row are especially complex with the children, the babies and even what looks like a doll. It’s also interesting to note the variety of dress that’s shown, from the fine gold silk at the top to simple calico. We’d all love to hear more about her inspiration! Meanwhile, we can all just say “Work well done!” Thank you, Cindy, for sharing it with the 24 Blocks quilting community

Diane Larson‘s quilt is simply stunning. In her post she just said, “A Carpenters Wheel I hand quilted and trapunto’d.” Trapunto quilting has a long and rich history dating back to at least to the 13 century. We think it is elegant and mixing it with pieced patterns like Diane has done, especially in the black and red, gives it even more richness. It is very beautiful. Thank you, Diane, for your post. Most of us now will add “trapunto” to our quilting bucket list!

All of us who have been proud of ourselves for doing just one “Lone Star” now can be amazed at Jayne Turner’s work of art. She just said “6 Texas Stars for July“. Several people who commented on her post noted how small the pieces are. It’s been popular with our readers and we can all see why! Great job, Jayne!


Sarah Starcher Lamm writes,Thisis my shabby-Americana quilt I just finished up, just in time for summer. It is the third quilt, and biggest yet, I free-motion quilted on my machine. I think I am getting the hang of it.” Her more delicate blues in the quilt softens it and we like, too, the use of the violet. We would only disagree with Sarah’s use of the word “shabby”; her work is “chic”!

We’d like to conclude tonight with a “First Quilt” and a very special “Thank You” to Angie Knott for sharing it with us and giving such a good description of the process she used. Her work is beautiful, so is her acknowledgement of the help she recieved. She writes,

“Thiswas my first quilt ever. I made it with mostly 100% cotton materials that I had left over from sewing. It took me about 6 months to make. I used a pattern that I saw in a quilting book; I do not recall the pattern name. The darker pink strips around each square was a roll of 2 1/2″, selvage on both sides, that I bought at First Monday Trade Days inCanton, TX. My quilting stitches are very long but I really like the color scheme and it is beautiful to me. I had help quilting it from someladies that came to the Milford Senior Center. I am now helping a friend to make her first quilt. I have purchased a quilting frame for usto use when we get to that stage.”

Let’s all hear it for new quilters!!!

Thanks to all of you who have shared your quilting projects with our readers. We learn from each other and share the inspiration!

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