Featured Member Quilts: June 4


Barbara Gibson’s post on our 24 Blocks Facebook page shows new quilters, and those of us who are busy, how some quilting projects can be both beautiful and be done in a short period of time. We appreciate her contribution to 24 Blocks so much! Barbara writes,

“Theperfect Satuday afternoon project….so easy and fun I do these betweenlarger projects and keep them on hand for wedding gifts.. :>)) Found the pattern 3 years ago at https:// cornbreadandbeansquilting.w ordpress.com/ Hope it’s still there for those of you who want it.

We love the colors and the blending of the fabric. It’s like a summer evening with a few flickers from a campfire still glowing!


Heather Bixby Sanford made this beautiful pictorial memorial quilt using the photos of a dear friend who passed away. Heather’s words speak best,

“Imade this quilt in remembrance of my dear friend Jenn who passed away in 2006. I gave it to her parents a couple of years ago. It has her whole world on here. Pictures of her as a small child . Her and her sister Julie. Her parents and husband with their children. There are even a few pictures of the 2 of us. She was a wonderful caring woman who was called home too soon. She was a true friend and will be missed .
The cat “Peanut” died a year ago this week. Maybe they are hanging out together in heaven .”

We can’t say anything but “Thank You” to Heather for sharing her work and her tribute to her friend with all of us. So many of us honor others in our sewing. There’s always so much wrapped up in a quilt.

Diane Larson’s work shows so much beauty and skill. This one shows the traditional arts of just not trapunto and hand quilting, but the use of scraps for the “Tree of Life” blocks. They are so beautiful on a background that looks like soft peach, with the trapunto blocks in whte or cream. Diane writes that it is a queen size quilt. After it was done she had enough of the pieced blocks left for a wall hanging. One of the things that also makes the quilt so nice is the array of colors for the leaves in the tree. There are some vibrant ones in there…. just like in a family.

For our readers who have never tried trapunto or seen it done in a class or by a friend, there are a number of good You Tube vidoes that give just an introduction. It’s traditional and it’s elegant.

Laura Reynold‘s “Blooming Nine Patch” is stunning in it’s own right, but seems perfect on the white fence with the peaceful field in the background! The pattern is fast becoming one of our favorites at 24 Blocks. Laura writes, “Thisis the Blooming Nine Patch I finished just recently. It’s now one of myfavorite patterns. A lot of time, but relatively easy!“. You have to look closely to see the nine patch squares.

And we’d like to end this evening with a design that is sure to make everyone smile. Crayons are always happy things that bring back memories of childhood and the pleasure of seeing today’s little ones learn the enjoyment of color. This quilt was made by Lois Grove. It is her own design. She created it for a great-grandson. It is all in cotton and channel quilted to give dimension to the crayons. It is just so nice. Thank you, Lois, for sharing it with our quilting community!

And thanks to all of you both for contributing photos of your work and the comments you make to encourage others. Social media helps us all spread the beauty of a tradition with a long and ever-evolving history.

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