Featured Member Quilts: June 4

Good evening again from 24 Blocks. Tonight we’d like to feature 3 quilts, all very different, that have a pleasing arrangement of color with some use of white or a light cream. Notice, too, that they all have a bit of yellow. They all, in their own ways, are beautiful. Our thanks go to Carolyn, Diane and Davina for sharing them with us.

from: Carolyn Pothast Culp: “Made 3 of these for my kids wedding quilts”

Carolyn’s quilt is stunning both in design and her use of color. Notice how she uses two sets of complimentary (or close to it) sets next to each other: yellow and violet; green and dark red. There’s quite a bit of “color wheel magic” going on in her work. The use of cream with a gold framing on the inside large square looks almost like a matting with a gilt edge on a work of art. Carolyn’s children are certainly lucky to have a wedding gift of such quality!

from: Diane Van Buren: “Finally finished grandson’s quilt.”

We love the simple framing, especially the use of primary colors. There’s just enough white, too!

from: Davina Murray: “Someone gave me a bag of 1 inch strips years ago and I only just got around to making this quilt with them. I really love it.”

The modern layout with the narrow set at the right is so wonderfully minimalist even with the use of so many differing colors of fabric. It’s beautiful while being simple.

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