Featured Member Quilts: June 6

Hello again from 24 Blocks. It’s hard not to think about D-Day today. This is Nancy with 24 Blocks. The Normandy invasion was before I was born, but I had a first cousin who was killed shortly after landing. He was only 19 or 20. I’m sure that many of us in our online quilting community come from families where someone took part in the invasion. We have many countries, of course, represented in our community. We can all be grateful for sacrifices made and for the peace we now enjoy.

Here are some quilts that have recently been shared with us…all in the red, white and blue or made to support a good cause. Our thanks go to Kj, Jennifer and Debra for sharing them with us.

from: Jennifer Prayle Mason: “A photo from Jennifer”

from: Kj Nelson: “Another set of RWB’s. Never go out of style!”

from: Debra Hoth Caddell: “Hi, new to page! Thought I would share my latest patriotic quilt. It is quilted by hand, corner appliquÈ eagles were taken from an antique feedsack. I made it for wounded warriors and it mad $ 3,250 at auction. I was thrilled!”

Notice the eagles in the corners of this marvelous work of art.

U.S. Navy SEAL's K9 Longtime Partner Was Laid To Rest With A Heartfelt Tribute: Click “Next Page” below!

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