Featured Member Quilts: March 10

Donna Pfeil posted her recently finished quilt yesterday. It has been very popular on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. She made it for a veteran who, of course, loves it. We’d like to thank Donna for sharing it with our community. It gives a new and fresh interpretation to a flag quilt. Great work, Donna.

Anna Killebrew posted this photo of a quilt owned by a friend. It was made by the friend’s grandmother almost a hundred years ago. Anna shares the story with us: “Thisquilt was called a dahlia pattern, it was completely sewn by hand. Her grandmother worked fields in Oklahoma all day, cooked and cared for the family then sew by a coal oil lamp at night. It is a piece of art in my eyes….beautiful.” It is beautiful for all of us, too. It’s so nice to know the story behind a quilt. We all know that in the old days the quilting was often done in poor light. It adds to the meaning behind the stitches.

This is the latest quilt on which Rowena Satterfield is working. She writes, “My own design and the butterflies are made from vintage flour sacks.” We love the bright enthusiasm of all the butterflies and, also, appreciate that she showed us a bit of the back. Thank you, Rowena, for posting it so we all can enjoy your work.

We love flower quilts, especially tulips! Quilter Kathleen Castillo did this one which she calls “Tulips for Papa”. This is one that many of us yearning for Spring find delightful. Thank you, again, for sharing your work with us.

Many of us were inspired to start quilting because of the work done by grandmothers or great-grandmothers or great-aunts. Many of them would quilt well dressed by today’s standard, with their hair white and pulled back in a bun, with glasses that were often gold-rimmed. We remember crocheted works on sofas and a riot of floral patterns on wallpaper and fabrics. So, we’d like to end tonight, with a fanfare for Ruth Dunham‘s Great-Grandmother. She was Ruth’s inspiration and she made many quilts for family members. Thank you so much, Ruth, for sharing this wonderful photo with our community.

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