Featured Member Quilts: March 11

Yes, Spring will come! This morning we’re featuring quilts that seem to carry that optimism. We’d like to thank their creators, Jeanne, Judy and Gina for sharing them with us.

from Judy Bro Kline: “ Spring will come!…The pattern is called ‘My Whimsical Quilt Garden‘ by Goldsmith and Jenkins. It was a BOM from a local quilt shop last year. The pattern is still available…It is all hand appliqued. I love working buttonhole stitch by hand.”

Judy’s work is just plain stunning. Notice how there are several differing kinds of backgrounds for each block. They are all dark, and they harmonize, but they are different. That gives a subtle energy to the whimsy of the flowers and the darling birds. As always, we love to see some features of blocks spill over onto the sashing or even the next block. It gives a feeling of life to the work, a statement of “I’m not staying put!”…which is what many of us feel as part of the promise of Spring.

from Gina Covell Maddox: I just finished this quilt for a charity event. It’s called “Celtic Faire 2014″ and it was fun to mix a Celtic knots and cross theme with batik fabric and a black background.”

We love Gina’s fabric choices for this wonderful wall-hanging. The batiks have the look of stone or crystal and the Celtic knots appear almost organic, springing from the rock. There is a special quality to it.

from Jeanne Jones: “Kaleidoscope wall hanging made with batiks. I recently retired, and I’ve been getting working on regaining my quilting skills. This was paper pieced and was a challenge! If anything could go wrong, it did, but I’m glad I stuck with it and finished it. I should title it RIP, because I ripped out more seams than I should admit!

We can all smile at Jeanne’s comment, but the truth is that this is a lovely work that shows much beauty. As with all Kaleidoscopes, it draws you in as you see all the differing shapes come together and then recede. The color choices are marvelous. Like Gina’s work above, the batiks give that feel of crystal or gemstones.

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