Featured Member Quilts: March 13

Michaela Coogan posted this quilt made by her friend, Doreen Stewart. It has been very popular with our readers. Michaela writes, “Like many of us quilt lovers it has a very special meaning and a story about her Mom who passed away. Many called her Mom Miss Jenny Bell.” We want to say a very special thank you to both Michaela and Doreen for sharing it with our quilting community. We love it!

When you look very closely you’ll see embroidery with a monogram on the border of this baby quilt. It was shared with us by Gertrud Bock and this is the detail photo. Gertrud made the quilt two years ago. The baby’s Grandmother gave her a piece of HER grandmother’s wedding sheet to incorporate it into the quilt. If we figured it right, that will mean that it will be the baby’s Great-Great Grandmother’s wedding sheet. The quilt is done by hand. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you Gertrud for your post and inspiration.

We’re all going “Wow” on Jill Coleman‘s new work of beauty. Jill writes, “Ijust finished hand quilting this vintage beauty, it is a Marie Webster design that I found on eBay. I added the two inner pink borders to honor the original that for some reason the unknown maker had left off.” Don’t you love the border? Thank you so much, Jill, for posting it so we call can vow to do something like it!

Carissa Daly writes, “FINALLYfinished hand-quilting this quilt. My mother bought the unfinished quilt blocks at a rummage sale & gave them to me years ago. The stitching was nice, but the blocks were all different sizes, so they hadnever been sewn together. I took them all apart, appliqued them on new material, & added the pink sashing.” She went on to say she has several other vintage tops from the 40’s and 50’s that she picked up from flea markets, etc…. We’ll all be waiting here the next few years to see them, too!. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Carissa.

Virgil-Jeri Holt write that they made this baby quilt for their first granddaughter. It was English paper pieced and hand quilted with LOTS of love!” We can tell that lots of time and care went into the work of art, too. Thank you all for sharing it with us.

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