Featured Member Quilts: March 14 Morning

Good Morning again! Here are two beautiful quilts, and one great idea, that we’ve selected to feature this morning. The quilts are works of art. We hope they inspire!

from Lalla Steenbock: “Here is a pic of my Cathedral Windows quilt I made for a wedding gift for our grandson Billy and his new wife Katelyn, June 20, 2009. It took me almost 2 1/2 years to make. I made it in 4 sections, completing a row in each section before going on to the next row. It traveled on all our vacations from Kansas to Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, and Arkansas and all states in between. There are 480 blocks with 956 windows and 92 1/2 windows. The quilt measures 82 X 98. The basic blocks were sewn by machine and then sewn together by hand. There are approximately 94,500 stitches by hand. I also made 2 pillow shams and 3 accent pillows.

Lalla’s quilt is just stunning! We love, of course, Cathedral Windows. Her’s has a modern feel to it and is a work of art that will last and be treasured for generations. Thank you, Lalla, for sharing it with us!

There are a good number of tutorials online on how to make Cathedral Windows. One is Rose Smith’s at Ludlow Quilt and Sew in the UK. You can also see a classic white framed quilt in the casual YouTube video “Cathedral Window Quilt: Granny Visit, Part II. It passes on the tradition and shared generational efforts of making just one quilt.

from Virginia Varennes: “le mille feux”.

If our translation of Virginia’s quilt title is correct, it is “The Thousand Lights”. We can see that in the heart of her Postage Stamp quilt with borders that make it look like a fine tapestry. It is beautiful, Virginia. TrËs bon!

from Barbara Gibson: “Have to share this with you this morning…..I asked Hubby to build me a bobbin spindle so I have a place to put the bobbins I prewind for free motion quilting (hate having to stop to wind them). So….we paid 59 cents for a dowel, cut off about 6 inches of it, sanded it down so the bobbins would slide easily, drilled a hole in a small block of wood, and Momma is HAPPY! It holds 11 bobbins…..hooray! I don’t know what it costs to buy one (or, if they are even available), but we made this one for pennies, and it works great :>))”

We love Barbara’s bobbin holder! So, Barbara, give your hubby our accolades for creativity and practicality! We liked the idea of how he sanded the dowel down, too!

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