Featured Member Quilts: March 14

Cathy Estabrook made this quilt for her Grandson Rowan who, she says, is obsessed with trucks and cars. We love it! Everyone is a truck. There’s a plane up at the top, too.

Lorraine Brown made this Legos quilt for her Grandson. She saw it on the Internet as a 12 inche paper piece block. She then enlarged it for an overall design and pieced.

Catharine Basirico made this Dr. Seuss quilt for her Grandson. She says he loves bright colors. See the Cat in the Hat?

Kathy Saunders just finished this quilt for new Grandson Nicholas who is just 6 weeks old. She based the design on a pattern from the book “Quilts BABY!” by Linda Kopp. She changed the monkeys faces a bit. It’s a fun quilt. Can’t help but smile big!

Jennifer Henry made this quilt for a Grandson who loves trains. Love the energy and pattern in it.

Suzen Tucker-Ingle created this educational quilt for her new Grandson Alastair. Her daughter-in-law specifically wanted it to include a color wheel. He’s not quite 1 yet but can, thanks to the quilt, say “purple”!

We’d like to thank all of you who have contributed photos recently of quilts made for babies and young children. We’ve had many and this is just a sample. We’ll continue to feature many of the others. There’s so much fun to be had! Keep sharing on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. It’s social media. We’re a community and we help each other out.

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