Featured Member Quilts: March 18

Our children are always our stars. But when they sacrifice for the good of others, they become stars for many. Sandy Cuddihy made this quilt for her son who is a Wounded Warrior. She said “He’s my star”. We all share in that. Thank you, Linda, and give our best wishes to your son from 24 Blocks. We honor stars.

Mariners are frequently in danger for the good of others, too. We love this quilt posted by Judy Roberts. She writes, ” MarinersGuiding Lights.. using Block Factory Mariners Compass Edition and Embroidery Library Lighthouses and Paper pieced border flags”. It’s so vibrant! Notice the pirates flag at the top left. Thanks, Judy, for sharing it with our quilting community.

Linda Floyd made this quilt for her son. It’s all hand sewn. In an answer to a question about the Marine fabric she said that fabric for all branches of the services was available. Thanks, Linda. We’re all proud, too.

Olive Miller made this baby quilt several years ago for the first baby of a fireman and his wife. It’s fantastic and a great way to celebrate the skill of first responders. Thanks, Olive, for your post.

This is a heirloom anniversary quilt shared with us by Bev Lundeen. We love the honoring of families and keeping traditions alive. Family life always involves hard work and, sometimes sacrifice, too. We always remember the good times, and the hard times overcome, all stitched into the quilts of who we are. Thanks, Bev.

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