Featured Member Quilts: March 20

March Madness surely hasn’t yet effected our quilting community. There have been so many wonderful and artistic quilts recently posted! Here are just three to give you a flavor of the talent so evident in our quilt-making community…

from Shyamala Rao: “Cone flower garden-Foundation paper pieced.

Shyamala’s work is elegant in its minimalism. It’s a perfect artistic composition in fabric with the three flowers, the bee the hint of butterfly wings and the asymmetrical brown vine framing the whole. Thank you, Shyamala, for sharing it with us all at 24 Blocks.

from Becky Erdman: “Getting back to some portrait quilting – this was my horse Daylight.”

Becky’s work never ceases to amaze us all, but her “Daylight” is the best we’ve seen…so far! Notice especially her treatment of his mane and tail and the flowers at the base of the fence. And, as an added bonus, she shared with us a photo of the real Daylight:

Becky’s work as a fabric artist brings joy to many and we’d like to say, again, “Thank you!”

from Barbara Gibson: “Finally finished ! This quilt is made from vintage, hand appliqued blocks that my great-aunt made and put away about 40 years ago. They “accidentally” came into my possession. I made one more butterfly block to complete the set, sashed the blocks with vintage fabric that was enclosed with the blocks, then set them aside for the whole winter while my mind worked on how to finish them. After several false starts, this is where it ended. Hopefully, my aunt is content with what I did with her hours and hours worth of work :>))”

We’ve really enjoyed seeing Barbara’s progress on the quilt over the last few months. She’s made a most magical quilt with the quilting on the butterfly blocks seeming to capture air currents. The quilting on the all-white blocks is just stunning. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing the joy that seeing this work “in progress” has brought.

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