Featured Member Quilts: March 23


Many of us were inspired to learn and value quilting because of ancestors who quilted most of their lives, who kept on quilting even when they were very old and their eyesight failed and their hands were painful. Like many of you, we were struck by this quilt posted by Eric Bloodworth. Eric writes, “Thiswas a baby bed size double wedding ring quilt that I made to use as a casket cover for my Granny. She quilted for a living most of her life and was quilting up until she was 94 years old. We decided since she quilted we wanted to use one as a casket cover. I listed in each centerblock her and my grandfather, all the children, grandchildren, and the great grand children…” It’s a wonderful testament of honor and devotion. Thank you, Eric, for sharing it with our quilting community.

Tracy Wagner made this beauty for her parents. She named it “Traveling the Seven Seas”. Tracy’s quilts are always stunning and original. Thanks, Tracy, for sharing them with us.

Ramona Austin’s photo of the quilt her aunt made has been extremely popular with our readers. It was made out of her brother-in-law’s ties, after he died, for Ramona’s sister.

Nancy Domgaard posted this quilt, simply saying that it is called “Hearts and Music.” It also has been very popular with our 24 Blocks readers. Thanks, Nancy, for inspiring so many!

Paulette Niedo embroidered, if we counted correctly, 45 unique scenes in the blocks of this beauty. She also posted, on our Facebook page, a close-up of one of the blocks. Her work is detailed and fun. She simply said, on her post, that it is hand embroidered and hand quilted. Thanks, Paulette!

We’d like to end tonight with Marcella Brown’s creation made to look like a stained glass window from her church. She says that she loves the 1/4″ black fusible bias tape and that, so far on the project, she had used 55 yards of it. She says she loves the project. We see why. It is creative, well-done and has meaning. Thank you for sharing it with us, Marcella.

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