Featured Member Quilts: March 23

Hello again from 24 Blocks. Tonight we’d like to feature some quilts, all shared by our readers, that link to times gone by. Some were partially made by relatives years ago; some use vintage fabrics and techniques. They all are lovely and pull us in with their timeless charm.

from Kathleen Castillo: “Here it is posted as promised when finished. My Vintage Beauty 1880/90. Machine Quilted by Kathy Herder, Madera, California. Hand binding by Kathleen Castillo (owner). Top was hand pieced by? Batting is Warm n Natural, and backing in muslin. I’m so pleased it is finished for all to enjoy…

A close up of a front block shows the antique material. It’s a true treasure and we’d like to say a special “thank you” to Kathleen for sharing it with us all.

from Sarah Kate Higgins: “My grandmother made this quilt top and later passed away. My aunt had it finished by a lady in Pennsylvania and gave it to me for my 16th Birthday!”

Thank you, Sarah, for letting us see this classic of a vintage quilt from your own family’s history and obvious love.

from: Marilyn Pollock Johnston: “Here is my Hunter Star quilt, hanging at the Putnam County Fair. I was so thrilled to receive 3 blue ribbons. Best of Show, best of Class and first place. There is no pattern. I went on you tube to figure out how to make a block and then followed intuition to put it together. I made a pieced border and square in a square corner blocks. The blues are all scraps from previous quilts and the white is from vintage sheets still in the package that I picked up at estate sales. It is truly a trash to treasure quilt. Hope you enjoy it.”

We’d like to say “Bravo” to Marilyn for her awards for this beauty. We love how she has used materials from previous quilts and white from vintage sheets. Quilters have historically “re-used”. She may call it a “trash to treasure quilt” but we call it a show-stopper.

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