Featured Member Quilts: March 26


This is one of the most heartwarming stories we’ve ever had on 24 Blocks and we’d like to thank Sue Fosse for her post on our Facebook page. Sue writes, “The little old baby quilt in this picture was made by my mother in 1935for my sister. It was made from tobacco pouches and scraps. Mom used itfor all 3 of her children and it was dearly loved and badly worn. It now resides in my cedar chest and a treasure. One of my first attempts at quilting was to make my version as near as I could. Many of the the scraps of color in the original quilt could no longer tell me the original color. This is my gift for my youngest child when she becomes amother. A special memory for me. Thanks.” Most of us do not have the baby quilts that were made by our mothers. It is a treasure and a real dedication to her memory to remake it. Thank you, Sue, for sharing it our community of quilters.


This is a very beautiful vintage “Dresden Plate” owned by Sue Cole. It is all hand stitched and in perfect condition. This one is unusual in the use of floral fabrics that are so complimentary in the plates. It looks so good with the simple blue gingham. Thanks, Sue, for sharing some of your vintage collection with our readers.

This is Michaela Coogan‘s “Pansy and 10 Commandments”. It is applique and very unique. When you look closely at the border you’ll see all kinds of unexpected additions including a black cat. Michaela said in her post, “Thisis my Pansy and 10 Commandment Quilt. I took my favorite patterns fromall my quilt magazines to design the border. My little son helped picked out many of the patterns… dolphin, Easter basket, teddy bear, lemonade table. I finished it August 1994. It took 1 yr to applique it, my friend, Estilene quilted it. I consider it my masterpiece quilt.” We agree! It is beautiful and creative.

Pam Williams‘ quilt is entitled “The Colors of Autism”. It was made by her sister for a grandson with autism. We love it. We hope that it brings him joy. It’s beautiful. Thank you, Pam.

We love the vibrant colors in Carrissa Renn‘s quilt. This photo was made before she had all the blocks stitched together. She said in another photo of it she posted that she got the idea from a quilting video featuring “three guys”. She…and 24 Blocks…likes the rainbow colors set against the black background.

Angel Craddock writes that this is a quilt she did for her son and his wife. He is a fire dancer. Yes, he dances twirling a long pole with fire on each end. This quilt is made to honor his skill. One of the commenters on Angel’s post on our Facebook page said that she had seen him dance and it is as awesome as the quilt! It’s amazing and energetic and alive! Thanks, Angel, for sharing it with us!

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