Featured Member Quilts: March 27

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to take the blocks done by older family members and bring them back to life? This beauty has its roots in 1933. Kathy Stockbridge writes, “Thisquilt has squares appliqued by my grandmother for my mother when she was a little girl. The squares, 24 of them were completed in 1933. They were never put into a quilt. When I started quilting in 1996, I added the two missing alphabet letters, and decided to put hearts in the corners to have it come out even. Can you guess which letters were missing?” We have to say that it is so perfectly completed that we really can’t be sure about what blocks are new…maybe the “X”….? Anyway, we just want to say “thank you” to Kathy for letting us enjoy it.


Mary Ellen Chatigny made this quilt for her husband’s great-great nephew. In an accompaning post she showed the finished embroidered label in the last block giving the baby’s name, birthdate, size and her name as the maker. Some of the fabric on the border is of tickets. The quilt also fits into a presentation case. Thank you, Mary Ellen, for sharing it with our quilting community on 24 Blocks.

This was Denise Hartley‘s first baby quilt. She called it “A is for apple, B is for Bailey”. She writes that Bailey is now in high school. It’s delightful to look for the small images that go with each letter. Look at those nails for “N”, the watering can for “W”. Thanks, Denise, for posting it!

Catherine Basirico used machine embroidery for the ABC’s. We love how they tumble. Catharine made the quilt for her cousin’s son. Thanks for sharing it with us, Catherine.

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