Featured Member Quilts: March 29

Kathleen Castillo‘s post on our 24 Blocks Facebook page about her “Lakota Sunburst” was moving and made us smile at the same time. She writes that she did this Lone Star as a new quilter and, although it was not difficult, wondered why no one told her to start with a 4-patch design! Most of us have been there…starting with a challenge. But the really striking aspect of her post was the story of this quilt. She explains, “Itis the Lakota’s culture to give Star quilts to the attendees who have donated their services for a funeral. I made this quilt for my friend’s husband who is 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Lakota…It hangs on their dining room wall.” When the family needs a quilt to give, it’ll be ready. We’d like to thank Kathleen for sharing this with our community. It speaks to the importance of friendship and the continuity of life and death in a community. Thank you.

Sometimes when our friends and family pass on we find or are given their unfinished blocks. Finishing those up and making a completed quilt can be a moving experience, a way of keeping and remembering. Hollie Wolf writes that after a dear family friend passed near Christmas she recieved her quilting things. The pieced blocks were done by her friend. Holly added the solid blocks. To us it has almost the feel of the Arts and Crafts design movement of the early 1900’s. Thank you, Hollie, for sharing with our quilting community.

Susan Kliewer posted her most recent pieced quilt. She writes that it uses the Kaleidoscope block in two sizes and that it was challenging, but that she loved making it. It’s been very popular with our readers, including one commenter who said “That’s pretty cool, Mom!”. Fantastic! Thanks, Susan, for letting us enjoy it.

Isn’t this beautiful?! It’s by Sonia Chang and took her a year to finish. She writes ” 2000,Kaleidoscope. Pattern designer: Mimi Alef of High Point, N.C, Published in QUICK AND EASY SCRAP QUILTS, 1998, 8th printing; from the “For the love of Quilting” series, Oxmoor House, Inc. Book Division of Southern Progress Corp., Birmingham, Alabama. The quilt contains white, black and 20 different fabrics containing red. Size: 59 inches square.” We’d like to thank Sonia not only for posting her dynamic work with its amazing color balance, but for giving our readers the necessary information on the pattern and its creator with the citation of the publisher. Thank you so much, Sonia!


We’d like to conclude this morning with Tracy Wagner‘s “Cafe Van Gogh”. Tracy designed it for his sister. It’s all hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted. Now….we all need a second cup….

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