Featured Member Quilts: March 4

We really think that the magic of New York Beauty blocks is like a a wonder yet to be fully explored. It conveys a kind of carefree movement with power radiating. So we were very happy to see Brenda Bradley‘s post featuring this quilt she calls “Skiddle-Scat”. It is made up of New York Beauty blocks. You can see the same motif as in the Chrysler Building and the radiating halo at the head of Lady Liberty. Thank you so much, Brenda, for sharing it with us.


This is inspiration for all new quilters. Rosemary Rideout-Bursey writes, “I just started quilting about a year ago and have been bitten by the quilting bug. I love the radiant star pattern and this is the one that I did last year.” We think it is beautiful and want to say “thank you” to Rosemary for her post.

Log Cabins never cease to amaze. Quilter Gail Zamarron gave a modern, almost urban, feel to this one she did for her son. She calls it “Log Cabin in the Sky”. Thanks, Gail, for sharing it with us. Those center red blocks have just the right “pizzaz”.


Doesn’t this make you think of the old fashioned porches with morning glories climbing up the lattice? Karin Rodeheaver writes, “First applique quilt I ever made, ca 1978.This Morning Glory quilt was totally made by hand. Every applique patch was embroidered around the edges with a blanket stitch.” We always appreciate getting to see something that is a “first”. Thanks, again, Karin! (Source for photo: Karin Rodeheaver)

We’d like to thank Chalyse Padigimus for uploading photos of her beautiful quilt in detail as well as a view of the whole. Chalyse writes, “Thought I’d share a fun quilt with you that I made. In my family we have the tradition of making a quilt for the newly married couples. So when my best friend told me he was going to get married, I just had to do this for him (he doesn’t really have family). The blocks on the corner are called “True Lovers Knot”, I loved how piecing them this way I was able to make them into hearts.” There’s nothing like giving a creative gift to a friend. It is beautiful. Thank you, Chalyse, for sharing it with our community.

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