Featured Member Quilts: May 1 Morning

Good Morning! It’s May! The First of May! It’s just a nice day of the year. To get it going dramatically, we’d like to feature this morning three quilts with colors that break through a dark background. They are vibrant and interesting…just like quilters! We hope you enjoy them.

Our thanks go to Mary, Nona and Terry for sharing them, and their enjoyment of quilting, with us all.

from: Nona Smith: “My first block of the month quilt, we could choose our own setting pattern & this is the one I loved.”

from: Mary Thiedke Grady: “This is another quilt for Project Okurase in Ghana. The nice thing about making these quilts is that it gives me a chance to try new techniques on a smaller scale. This was the Disappearing Pinwheel video from Missouri Star Quilt Company. Fun to make. Maybe I’ll make some on a smaller scale with some alternating plain squares. This looks like it has potential for being sort of a pieced flower pattern.”

from: Terry Flynn Snyder: “I made this for a wedding shower. Kaleidoscope block. Probably the most fun quilt I ever made. The back is a whole other quilt, too bad I can only post one photo at a time.”

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