Featured Member Quilts: May 10

It may be Spring now, but Fall will be here. Trude Schei’s fantastic quilted art is her own design. It was inspired by swirling leaves. It is so very beautiful! Trude writes that a health condition makes her projects take a long time. But, we can see the result! Good things always take time. Trude says that there are over 50 different fabrics in the piece. So, friends, now that we are inspired, what projects do we complete? Thank you, Trude, for sharing this with our readers!


Brenda DeVore‘s quilting group did this quilt as a Block of the Month. Isn’t the subtle coloring beautiful? It is “very Jane Austen”. Brenda says that she loves the piecing and applique combination. She has given it to her daughter for use in her antique bedroom. It is just extremely well done. Those vines were not easy.

Virginia Newton writes that the “Irish Chain” pattern is one of her favorites. It is ours, too. She’s added exquisite detailing to hers, though. Notice the floral embroidery! This is another quilt that has a wonderful antique look.

Sally Matoushek made this warm and happy baby quilt for her husband’s niece who is expecting next month! It comes from a kit by Darlene Zimmerman called “Garden Sunshine”. Sally says that the quilt was too large so she made fewer squares and then used the excess fabric on the backing. She used a Rec Triangles Tool to make the pinwheels. She says that the whole project was easy and fun!

It’s always exciting when we get to welcome a new baby into the family! Laura Kallinen-Bailey knew that excitement and it helped inspire her to make this quilt. She writes,

“Iwas inspired to create this quilt when we welcomed the first baby girl to our family in over fifty years. They wanted to do the room in this theme. However when the time came the line was no longer available. So in looking at a picture of the quilt that went with the set, I hand drewthe pictures. Then I appliquÈd them with a satin stitch. I added some of my own little details to personalize it.

There’s so much here that’s fun. Love the giraffe with what looks like a bird on his head. 🙂

Thanks to all of your for sharing your creativity with others! Happy Quilting this weekend!

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