Featured Member Quilts: May 12


The photo of this beautiful and sweet quilt was posted by Jordan’s FluffyButts-Rescue. It’s not only stunning, but has such a wonderful message. It looks like there are two Scottie puppies in the bike basket along with the flowers. Mama is running after them and a bluebird is providing, in our imagination, eye-in-the-sky directions. 🙂 In the last panel the puppies are back with Mama and we see a heart. The bird is free to take a flower now and fly off. Jordan, in her post, just said that she just finished the quilt for a friend and that she hopes we enjoy it! We do!


Bug Jar Quilts are getting increasingly popular and our readers have really enjoyed this one by Martha Plante and the one below by Sue Fosse. Martha’s was made for her grandson’s Tree House. She calls him the “Lego King” and so there is a very interesting feature to the quilt at the bottom right. There are Lego heads spilling out of a jar and a Lego Construction Man is coming to the rescue, swinging in on a chain and holding what looks to be instructions. It is so amazingly creative!!! Thank you, Martha, for letting us all enjoy it!


This is so creative and inspiring! We’d like to thank Sue Fosse for sharing it with our readers. We’ll let Sue’s own words tell the story…

“Itstarted as a Bug jar quilt! I was working on this quilt for my grandson, and then inspired to try something different. I made it a bookcase quilt instead and placed a variety of items on the shelves thata little boy would enjoy. Some were my own creation and some were paperpieced. He loved it and hung it from his top bunk to make his own “man cave” below. The trophy has his name embroidered and # 1 on it. This wasa labor of love and will never be made again. So much fun!”

Martha had the most perfect comment. She said, “Love it! I think doing quilts (or anything) for kids turns on our imaginations too!” We agree! So well done on so many levels!

Kathy Weller did this “Snoopy” wall hanging for a co-worker who is expecting a little boy. Kathy writes, “From the design to deciding the detail methods was completely fun. Iused both hand and machine methods in the detailing of the appliques.” Anything with Snoopy is fun. So cute!

Ivella Wade posted the photo of this wonderful quilt made by her sister, Jennifer Capwell, who made it for her son. He loves sailing. Notice the red sky at night, the red spinnaker sail with the skull and crossbones and the sun going down. Jennifer commented on the post and said that she did the the flannel/rag edging because it reminds her of wind and water. We agree that the texture adds to it…it does look a bit like sea foam. It’s all just very well done and we’d like to thank you both Ivella and Jennifer for sharing it with our readers.

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