Featured member Quilts: May 16

One of our readers said it best when seeing this photo of Deborah Lancaster‘s quilt: “THUD <<<– My jaw hitting the ground.” We agree. It’s bold and intricate and very well done. Deborah writes,

Here’sanother quilt, that I made for my husband for our 20th anniversary: hisfavorite colors are purple and green, and mine are red and gold. This quilt shows my encroaching red and gold influence on his purple and green world.

There’s so many fantastic elements here: Lone Star. Compass. It’s just stunning. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing it with us at 24 Blocks.

Joy Rusonis’s quilt is elegant. There’s a great proportion of the black with the colors. Joy writes that it is “Not My Grandmother’s Bowtie” with Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs prints. She did it all be hand, the piecing and quilting.

Martha Plante just posted her “Monkey Shines” this morning on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. Don’t you love the colors she used? This is just a delightful design…and we love her fence, too! Martha’s quilts are always beauties and we here at 24 Blocks also greatly appreciate the help she gives to other quilters online. That’s the great part of social media. We don’t just “oooooh and ahhhh”. We share ideas and inspiration and help each other with technical questions. Thanks, Martha!


Georgia Moncada’s quilt is so beautiful for the intensity of the color she uses in her flowers and her use of trapunto in the quilting. She writes,

“Myfavorite color (fuschia) blooms in my variation on The Carolina Lily.. Carol Selepec machine quilted it with trapunto feathers and it’s very special to me.”

The use of patterns based on the lily name is very closely linked to certain regions. The same design, in days gone by, might have been known as “Tiger Lily” or “Fire Lily” or “Mountain Lily” or “Carolina Lily” or a number of others based on the region of the country. Georgia has kept the tradition, but with a modern use of color.

This is a very special quilt. The photo was shared with us by Marleen Horton who tells the story:

“Ihave entered this small wall-hanging quilt in the “Artful Bra Show” in Loomis, CA. It is an annual show for all mediums of art to raise money for breast cancer research through a silent auction. I call this quilt”U R Beautiful”. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I have been very fortunate not to have lost a breast. This is dedicated to all the brave women who have. Thus is also a reminder to everyone to get regular mammograms and do monthly self exams. Be strong – be healthy!

We all say Thank You to Marleen for her post, for her art, for her message. Yes, Be Strong-Be Healthy. UR Beautiful!

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