Featured Member Quilts: May 19

Good Morning again from 24 Blocks! We hope that everyone had a great weekend. To get our Monday off just right, we’ve selected a few quilts that carry a wonderful sense of contrast while using navy or a deep blue. They do show us that we may want to take navy, indigo or a deep violet more seriously as dark values. They all look so good when enhanced by simple sands or some brights from across the color wheel.

Our thanks go to Sharon, Kari and Laura for sharing their work with all of us.

from: Sharon Henrie Lake: “One of my current projects, a toddler bed quilt for a little boy.”

from: Kari Smith-Ruedisale: “Progress on my Pineapple quilt! So easy using the Creative Grid Pineapple ruler!”

from: Laura Humphreys: “I made this one for my son. “

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