Featured Member Quilts: May 24


It’s always so nice to see a really well-done quilt up for auction or sale at a charitable fundraiser. It’s also nice when family or friends appreciate the work so much that they bid or contribute, thus helping the charity even more. It’s even nicer when the quilt can have so much meaning. Marty Vick Bodner made this stunning quilt for a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. She used a Fons & Porter pattern kit. Marty writes,

“Mymom and I loved it so much she made a donation and the quilt is now on their couch in North Carolina. I really liked the idea of them having this quilt because my Mom and Dad are two of the most patriotic people Iknow. Dad was a “lifer” in the Navy Submarine service and Mom kept thekids and “sub wives” together until the submarine returned. They fly their American flag every day.

We can only say “Thank You” to Marty for sharing the photo and description of her work with our 24 Blocks quilting community. And we’d like to extend a “Thank You” to her parents for their long-term service. Submariners are a special group. So are their wives and children. Our best wishes go with all of you.

Barbara Gibson said something in her recent post with which we heartily agree:

Justkeep plugging along on small projects (so you don’t get overwhelmed by lack of time) and the pratice will automatically make you better…thesetable toppers are just the ticket….not a large investment in either time or money and the perfect way to learn new patterns :>))

Barbara’s table-topper pictured above is a “Carpenter’s Star”. The pattern she got for it came in three sizes. As she astutely says, “Who says quilts have to be big?” Besides, table-toppers and runners and placemats and wall-hangings and totes and all kinds of other projects also are functional and we get to look closely at features such as very pleasing quilting! They can bring the sense of comfort and “joy of home” into every room in the house. They’re also great for decorating at events.

Sharon Mason has recently made two quilts for friends from high school days. This is one of them. She writes that it is a simple jelly roll quilt and that she used Moda “Hello Luscious” fabrics.

New quilters may find “jelly roll” quilting a good place to start. There are many books and online resources available that have good patterns. Plus, there’s just something satisfying about those rolls of fabric calling out to be stitched into something lovely!

We hope that everyone looks very closely at Deborah Lancaster‘s work of art. She writes,

“Here’sanother of my favorites – a blue and yellow Blooming Nine Patch that I made several years ago. SUCH an easy quilt – just nine patches and plainsquares.

Deborah did modify the the author’s instructions and, although we haven’t seen them, are guessing that Deborah creativity allowed for the variations near the middle. They give it that modern, vibrant core in the midst of a more traditional perimeter…. like just enough inner passion in something or someone who appears controlled on the outside. In our humble opinion, it should be in a museum of modern art!

We’d just like to end this morning with a wall-hanging that seems to symbolize hope. It was done by Eileen Lloyd who also used real grasses and twigs in embellishing the nest. It’s simple, yet compelling. The tree doesn’t have leaves, it looks “topped”, but the nest will shelter new little birds and the parent watches closely. It’s so nice, colorful and creative…and it shares a message!

Thanks to all of you who have shared photos and descriptions of your quilts with other members of our quilting community via our 24 Blocks Facebook page.

Everyone is welcome to post. Just try to include as much information as possible about the pattern you used, if there was one, it’s source, the fabrics and description of the process you used.

We’re part of social media. We talk. We share.

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