Featured Member Quilts: May 29


One of the very nice things about our quilting community at 24 Blocks is getting to see fabric art that reflects the quilters own creativity…and courage. It takes a spirit of adventure to take a drawing or photo, adapt it to textiles and add your own flourishes. Georgia Moncada has done that so beautifully in this wall-hanging she has shared with us all. This is what she has written in her post:

“Isaw a b/w photo of a painting by a native American woman artist and adapted it to a wallhanging for a friend’s 60th wedding anniversary lastfall. It is machine appliqued and quilted with fabrics from my stash of fabrics and beads. I love the patience shown by the bird on the left(male?) while his spouse waits for the droplet of nectar from the flower. If anyone wants info or pattern, drop me a line.

The flowers, especially, are exquisite. It is a beautiful work of art.

It’s hard to know where to start in the praise of the work of Marcella Brown. It takes a special artistic “eye” to be able to look at people moving along a sidewalk or pavement and realize that there is art in their legs and shoes…the type of a scene we see everyday. Marcella writes that they were in Texas during the Fiesta. Her quilt is a machine thread painting based on pictures she took during that vacation. The piecing around it is a “French Braid”. The fabrics she selected do pick up the joy of Fiesta. You can almost see the lights on a warm Texas night. Thank you again, Marcella, for sharing your art with us!

Mary Evans just writes “Having a love affair with Kaffe Fassett“. When we all look closely at his colorful fabrics she’s used in her beautiful quilt, we have to agree with the word “love”.

Kaffe Fassett, born in California, is an artist known for his use of color in several mediums including the textile arts. He moved to London, England, in the 1960’s. His work was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a first for a living textile artist. He has worked in collaboration with others to design quilts, fabric and costumes for the Royal Shakespeare Company and has written numerous books and hosted London based craft-related TV shows. He has worked with Oxfam to help design hand-woven fabrics produced in poverty-striken villages abroad that could be marketable in the West. His fabric prints for patchwork quilts are, as Mary’s quilt shows, vibrant with color. You can learn more about his work online at kaffesfassett.com. He often says “Don’t be afraid of Colours”.

Elizabeth Patrenos made this beautiful “Pinwheel Star” for her beautiful mother’s 80th birthday. Elizabeth writes, Itis a Fons and Porter design from 2000 using reproduction vintage flour sack prints. Since those are the fabrics Mom grew up with, I thought shewould enjoy them in her quilt.” It is wonderfully done with very nice quilting. The fabrics just have the right degree of softness of color to look vintage, but yet fresh. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing it with our readers and giving the pattern name and design source. We’d all like to say, too, “Happy Birthday” to your mother!

We’d like to conclude this morning with a very special quilt, shared with us by Cecilia Baker. It was made by her “Aunt Stook”, Mary Vance Joyner of Houlka, Mississippi, a very long time ago. We at 24 Blocks have a special fondness for antique and vintage quilts that were made by family, where the “line” from creator to owner is known. It’s a type of passing down of love because we all know the time it took to make quilts in those days, that fabric was treasured and frequently came from dresses or shirts that had been worn. Cecilia’s quilt is also special because the plaids used in it were woven, not printed. It is hand-pieced and quilted. Thank you, Cecilia, for sharing your family treasure with our readers!

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