Featured Member Quilts: May 4

Sharon Howser shared with us this photo of the quilt made by her mother-in-law for her niece’s husband. Those of us with family members in uniform may want to use this idea. Sharon writes that after he had served in Afghanistan and finished his military career he didn’t know what to do with his uniforms, but yet was attached to them. He asked Sharon’s mother-in-law to make a quilt of them. Notice that his name badge is in the center under the flag. It’s not only a very well done quilt with a perfect selection of color for the background and sashing, but is a tribute of honor to his service. We all hold that dear.

Thank you, Sharon, for sharing it with our readers.

Kathy Buirge posted her quilt just a few hours ago but it already has been popular with our readers. She says that the pattern came from Quiltville.com and that there are 896 pieces in the top. We can’t help but notice, too, her wall hanging at the back. It’s fantastic, too!

Carol Wojtowicz writes,

Thisis the ‘Radiant Star’ pattern by Eleanor Burns. It was a challange for me with the color selection. I was stepping out of my comfort zone on this one but it is by far much prettier than I anticipated. I gave it to my eldest nephew.

It is beautiful and is like a bright star. The use of the complimentary blue and orange with some of the fabric patterned in ways that seem to swirl is just stunning!

Everyone has favorite color combinations but shades of blue/purple with green are some of ours. It’s so like an evening sunset in spring. This lovely quilt was made by Kathy Fattmann who also shared with our readers the pattern source. (We always love that). Kathy writes,

Made this for my 6 year old grand daughter using a sparkly butterfly fabric…she just loves it. This was the pattern https://quilting.about.com/ od/babyquiltpatterns/ss/baby_propellers_quilt_pattern.htm?r=et but since she’s not a baby, I improvised a bit to make it larger for her….probably going to make this one again!

We’d like to conclude this evening with a work of art by the always-creative Marcella Brown. It should inspire all of us. Marcella describes it,

“Thisis a machine thread painting, my first, of my 6 year old granddaughter,Selah. I made her Christmas dress and she was so happy she posed and requested that grandpa take her picture. The ruffles and back are made of fabric from the dress, which was taffeta and glittery stuff.

It’s so nice to see a Christmas dress recorded for all time like this. Selah is beautiful and the quilt with it’s glittery ruffle is a great frame for her portrait.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your talent and inspiration. Happy Quilting!

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