Featured Member Quilts: May 5 Morning

Good Morning from 24 Blocks! We hope that everyone had a most enjoyable weekend and had time to get in some quilting!

This morning we’d like to feature three quilts that have utilized navy, or dark blue, very well. As we all know, indigo was one of the first colors used in early quilts. For some reason since the advent of the wide variety of modern, colorfast dyes and great assortment of pattern, we haven’t used as much of the dark blue or indigo tones. We think it’s lovely and, as you see here, it does not always have to be traditional…

Thanks go to Anita, Shannon and Lora for sharing these with us.

from: Lora Crawford Kulinski: “I made this quilt for my niece’s wedding”

from: Shannon Morrison: “A photo from Shannon”

from: Anita Benson: “Log Cabin with Lens.. Paper Pieced. I found pattern on an online Russian website”

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