Featured Member Quilts: May 7


This is just one block of a “Mariner’s Compass” variation that is a current project of Cedar Creek Quilting. “Cedar” writes that she added a little more detail to give it definition. We like how the compass points, in yellow, green and blue have a look almost like marble or crystal. The gold surround has a richness that reminds us of the gold of exploration or the gilt in decorative objects. The stars on the white background link it also with navigation. It is beautiful! We can’t wait to see the entire finished quilt.

Karen Woodcox designed and made this baby quilt for her great-niece whose name is “Sunny”. Love it! It’s bright and happy!


This beauty, in all its spring colors, was posted by Sue Elwood. As one of our readers said, “Love your color placement!”

Debra Radecky just simply said, when she posted this small quilt, “My favorite quilt! My grandkids love it!” Notice the price of the gumballs in embroidery! Now, Debra needs a real gumball machine to go with it. 🙂

Our regular readers always enjoy the creativity of Patsy Cosby. She writes that this “bug baby quilt” came from three separate patterns and that she made it from fabric she already had on hand. Quilters are resourceful!

These are just five of the many wonderful photos of quilts posted by our readers to our 24 Blocks Facebook page.

We like to highlight creativity and inspiration in all its many forms. We’d love to see yours, too!

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