Featured Member Quilts: May 8

Good afternoon from 24 Blocks! We always love highlighting quilts made by the followers of our Facebook page. Social media allows us to become a community and share our work and ideas. We also get to celebrate each other’s good events.

In keeping with that we’d like to start today by showing a few baby quilts made for babies who have just been born or who are on their way to new, forever homes. Congratulations to the families with new little ones!

La Albaum writes that this quilt was made for her nephew Jude, who was born yesterday! The animals on the fabric were chosen to resemble a painted scene on his mother’s wall 31 years ago.

Nancy Toner writes that she made this beautiful Cathedral Windows for a friend who has adopted a baby, Olli, from Nigeria. Welcome and congratulations!

Cher Johnson posted this bright and cheerful Pinwheel on Monday, writing “The baby we made it for is going to be born today!”.

We treasure miracles, too…

Becky Erdman just simply writes that this is her latest baby quilt and that it was inspired by a miracle baby. There’s just so much for which to be thankful!

And there are other celebrations we mark with quilts….

Audrey Moody made a picture quilt for the veterans of American Legion Post 47 in Waynesville, NC. She was inspired by the old military photos she saw and the stories she heard. She adds to it every Veterans Day. Bravo!

And celebrations we make festive with quilts…

Isn’t this a fantastic idea? Julie Stackhouse shared this photo of the decorations for her parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration party. They decorated the barn with the quilts her mother had made over the years. It is wonderful. We may be mistaken, but it looks like a vintage wringer washer over in the corner, too. The quilts are wonderful and so is the celebration of a mother’s art and a couple’s long marriage.

Thanks to all of you for uploading your quilt photos to 24 Blocks. We love hearing the stories that make them special as well as the details of construction. Quilts bind as well as give warmth.

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