Featured Member Quilts: November 19 Morning

It’s always amazing how certain kinds of quilts can give a feeling of movement, of going somewhere, in a very happy and optimistic way. This morning we’d like to feature some of the quilts posted by our readers that seem to do that. The captions are in their own words.

From Gina Covell Maddox:I just finished these two lap quilts, Christmas gifts for our grand-daughters, aged 7 and 12. I was inspired by an “abstract quilt” I saw on Pinterest – it was done in solid colors. I decided to mix it up and make one with crazy bright prints from my stash. It was fun but I free motion quilted them with a zillion little spirals and I think I’m permanently dizzy now!

Gina’s work is a delight to see, especially because similar quilts were made for sisters. We love how her circles are more freeform and just don’t have to match up. The smaller circles floating closer to the border and inside some of the blocks gives a feeling of the freedom of bubbles of color. The colors she has used give a feeling of sunrise and sunset. And, as we all know, labels sewn in, make for a documented “I love you” that lasts for generations.

from: Amanda Curtiss: “This is a baby quilt I just finished for a friend who is having her second daughter. It is called Bullseye Baby Quilt from FaveQuilts. I love this pattern. It was super easy and the border is adorable.”

While it might be called Bullseye in the original pattern, we like how Amanda did it with more dramatic prints and a layout that makes them look more like fun bouncy balls. The scallop edging, in colors that are crisp and modern, will be inviting for any baby. Fave Quilts calls this a weekend project and says it is easy to make.

from Joan McConnell: “Here is the Hot Air Balloon Festival Quilt I finished quilting this long weekend. It is from the Quilts with Style magazine, July/Aug 2006. I have never done so many swirls in one quilt before….

The theme of the quilt is, of course, upward movement in a fun way. Anyone who has ever seen a balloon festival knows the feeling of elation and wonder they produce as they take off and float across a clear sky. Joan has picked that feeling up with the fabrics she’s used and that quilted “swirling” of the wind.

From Chris Diebel: “I made this quilt from a free online pattern on the Jinny Beyer website.”

Chris’s quilt has been very popular with our readers and we can see why. We found the pattern, called “Stony Creek”, at jinnybeyer.com. It gives a wonderful 3-D feel of movement. The color gradiations in the box and the quilting in the form of rays or perspective lines in two separate areas gives it an amazing feature that requires a second and third look. Notice that the interior of each triangle has its own rays. Jinny Beyer notes that the pattern calls for accurate piecing skills. The result, like we can see in Chris’s, is a work of exciting art.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work with us all at 24 Blocks!

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