Featured Member Quilts: November 25 Morning

Good Morning from 24 Blocks. With Thanksgiving this week, we don’t know how much quilting we all are able to get in, but it’s a good time to bring out vintage quilts and to think about starting new quilting projects…or maybe just finishing up one that has been waiting too long.

This morning, we’d like to share a few quilts that have recently been posted by our readers. One is a stunning antique, the others are new and beautiful projects.

from: Marlene Bingham: “I bought this quilt at an auction I went to with my father. I was just out of high school and not interested in auctions and really not interested in quilts. But I loved my dad, and when he saw this quilt being sold, he thought I should bid on it. $5.00 was all it took to get not only the quilt but a nice mixer, a fern stand and some books. The owner of the quilt came and talked to us and told us that her mother brought the quilt from Germany and, as children, they always had to use quilts, which she hated. She wanted soft blankets! I packed the quilt away. When I got married, I brought it with me. It has been displayed in our home ever since and is my favorite and most treasured memory. My dad was right! I don’t know the name of the pattern or if there is a certain name. At the time I bought it, the quilt was around 100 years old according to the owner. I have had it for 50 years.”

We think this antique quilt is a treasure and would love to know what an expert in historic European, and maybe Russian, quilting would say about it. It is exquisite and clearly very well done. Given the oral tradition surrounding it, a probable date would be at least 1860. It has clearly been loved and well preserved for all those years. Thank you so very much, Marlene, for sharing it with us all at 24 Blocks. Please keep us all posted if you are able to track down more information about it.

And, readers, let’s not forget that treasures can be found at auctions!

from Chris Diebel: “This quilt is made by alternating 54-40 or fight blocks with snowball blocks. Careful placement of colour gives the impression of curves. Entirely hand quilted it is only the 3rd quilt out of over 200 that I have kept for myself.”

This is a closeup of Chris’s quilt. Notice her fine, even hand quilting in dark thread inside the cream blocks. It’s just very well done and striking.

from Annette Gray Goetsch:Grand daughter’s ready for binding, too.”

Annette’s modern Western-themed quilt is bright and cheerful. It’s nice to see the use of so much white, giving it a bit of a minimalist feel. You can see below how she hand quilted around each major element using threads of differing colors.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work, and their love of quilting with our community at 24 Blocks. We do inspire each other and help keep a historic art flourishing.

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