Featured Member Quilts: November 26

Tonight we’d like to highlight a few embroidered quilts that have recently been shared with us by our readers. Quilted “Redwork” has long been popular and was especially so in the late 19th century America. It is created by outlining a design on a white or cream background. Red thread historically was used. Some sources indicated that red thread was the first to be made “colorfast”.

Artistically there is a similiarity between redwork textiles and the kinds of blue and white porcelain that was popular at the same time. The English Aesthetic Movement promoted the idea of “art for art’s sake” and both the blue/white porcelain and the red/white textiles were considered art. During the same time, many kinds of quilts became more embellished.

Redwork stamping kits were marketed in the US by many magazines and supplies could be purchased both by mail and in stores. Many embroiderers used their skill not only to create artistic quilts for their own families, but also for sale.

Redwork designs in the late 19th century often celebrated certain events or reflected images that were popular in domestic culture: birds, favored sayings, characters from stories, babies and children, flowers, etc. The later popularity of Sunbonnet Sue led her to be one favored design for red embroidery. Redwork quilts also were frequently used for signature quilts and for fundraising.

Today, of course, embroidery in all kinds of colors can easily be to added to quilts, both by hand and by machine. It’s an old tradition we still keep alive. We hope you enjoy these examples from our readers. The captions are in their own words.

from: Eula Marie Ward: “this is a hand embroidery ,Sun Bonnet Sue made in the early 2,000 probable around 2003. I applique the trimings on her dresses, I thought it was pretty unique And my favorite of all of my quilt and my first attempt of hand embroidery It is a 38 by 38..”

from: Jane Jordan: “Here’s a hand-embroidered, hand-quilted quilt I made for a little friend of mine.”

from: Quilted by Vicki: “My latest creation for me. Hand Embroidered Redwork blocks. Lots of quilting. Finished it Monday for a quilt show this weekend.”

Vicki’s quilt also won a 2nd place ribbon in her guild quilt show last month!

from: Kathy Ray: “My first quilt, but won’t be my last. Embroidery files were created by Designs by JuJu.”

We love all these! Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting!

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