Featured Member Quilts: November 27 Afternoon

Hello again from 24 Blocks. This afternoon we’d like to feature four quilts that all are very different. All were shared with us by our readers.

If you’d like to post a photo of a quilt you’ve made, or a vintage one, just come to the 24 Blocks Facebook page and upload a clear photo. Give as much description as you can, including the pattern name if you used one and any construction details that would be of interest to our quilting community. We especially like hearing stories of inspiration and seeing quilts made for charity, for special events or as gifts for family or friends. We love the history of quilts and always savor seeing historic patterns and “quilts with stories”. We learn from each other and help keep the traditions of quilting alive…even with all the modern developments and trends. We love modern, cutting-edge designs, too. There’s just so much art that can be stitched!

from: Debi Cuva Hendrickson: “I made this quilt in honor of my son’s graduation from the United States Air Force pilot training.”

Debi, give our congratulations to your son! You’ve done beautiful work on this quilt!

from: Jeanette Thibault Rice: “I made this flannel quilt for my father in 2003. He had a real orange cat who loved to lay on the bed. I tied this quilt instead of quilting it.”

Jeanette’s quilt is darling and we know it is warm, too. It’s just a fantastic idea to add a curled-up kitty cat at the bottom! It’s adorable!

from: Karen Christine Jorgensen: “This quilt is made totally by hand – it took me two years to complete!”

And, Karen, we know it will be loved for generations. The story of how you did it by hand, and the years it took, will live on. It’s nice, too, to see a Double Wedding Ring in the colors you’ve used.

from: Nancy Vincent: “busy, busy, busy”

As one reader said of Nancy’s quilt, “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!” We agree. Her gentle use of harmonious batiks. Her quilt takes the “New York Beauty” a few steps further to have a work of art that shimmers.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their enjoyment of quilting with us all at 24 Blocks. We do inspire each other.

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