Featured Member Quilts: November 30

Hello again from 24 Blocks. We’ve had a good Thanksgiving break; did some fabric cutting in between cooking and conversation with family. It was really nice to come back to our 24 Blocks Facebook page and see some really wonderful quilts that were posted in the last few days. We’ve picked out just a few–all pictorial wall-hangings or banners or quilt centerpieces–to celebrate. We hope they give you some ideas of quilting projects you may want to try. The creative spirit can really want to come out in the winter months.

from Martha Plante: “Foundation pieced…Don’t know the pattern name, but it was in a Quiltmaker magazine– one in the late 90’s maybe. It’s going to hang on the pantry door.

What can we say? It is beautiful and creative and colorful. A Plante celebrates the plants that nourish our bodies, while art nourishes our spirits.

from: Diana Daily: “I just finished this quilt called “First To Great Him” for our church. It is free standing applique and I machine quilted it.”

Thanks Diana, for showing us your banner. The fabrics you used are just wonderful. The sweet looks on the animal faces are a delight, too.

For quilters who haven’t done “free-standing applique” before there are a variety of tutorials online. One easy introduction comes from HGTV and is entitled “How to Design a Free Standing Applique Quilt”. There was an episode from “Simply Quilts” in 2004 that demonstrated the technique. Quilter and author Sharon Malec is credited with creating the approach. As Diana’s work shows, the secret is the fabric selection.

from: Karen Minteer: “This is a daffodil mosaic that I did just for the fun of doing one. I have been looking for more mosaics every since. They are just so much fun.”

from: Karen Minteer: “made this replica of the tugboat that my son works on as a center piece of a quilt for his bunk on the boat. when they stay on the water for weeks at a time its nice to have something from home”

Thanks, Karen, for showing us two of your creative projects!

Thanks to everyone who loves quilting and all kinds of art with fabric. The creative spirit is inborn and makes us all richer when it is shared.

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