Featured Member Quilts: November 5

So many quilts are really very stunning works of art. We’re so fortunate in our 24 Blocks community in social media to be able to share in that beauty online. Here are a few we’ve selected, all posted by our readers. We hope they inspire you tonight — and we all know that an appreciation of a quilter’s skill and patience and vision is a thing that warms the heart.

An applique by Robyn Phelps who did the top entirely by hand, even the seams. Robyn writes that the pattern is “Hop to It” by Edyta Sitar and that it was quilted by Wendy Knight. Thank you, Robyn for sharing it with us, and for showing a close up of one of the blocks.

It’s been very nice to see how one of the quilts we featured a few months ago fascinated another reader who set about to make it also. We’d like to thank Chris Diebel for posting this photo of the top she’s just finished and for crediting her inspiration. Chris writes,

Isaw Jean Bennett Giorgettis quilt when your site popped up on my face book. I was blown away by it’s beauty and just had to try it for myself. Still have to quilt it but wanted you to see how much her quilt is appreciated in England.

Jean saw it and commented back to Chris: I think yours was the greatest compliment I could have! The quillt is just GORGEOUS and I’m so happy that mine served as a inspiration! Thank heavens for internet! How else could we have shared our ideas! Italy to England through Facebook! Have a wonderful day!

Quilts do span oceans. And so does appreciation. Thanks to both Chris and Jean for inspiring us all!


Shared with us by Dorothy Davis

Thanks to everyone who shares their love of quilting. There’s such beauty!

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