Featured Member Quilts: November 7 Morning

Good morning from 24 Blocks! We hope you enjoy this morning’s selections of beautiful quilts, all recently posted by our readers, and all showing some of the ways quilts can help capture memories that bring us closer…and bring smiles at good times and good people remembered.

It’s always nice to see memory quilts that are really well done. This one has been shared with us by Moira Ullberg who writes, 1st Birthday memory quilt made as a gift from clothes saved by Mommy and Grandma.” We love how it looks fresh and crisp and how the use of pinks unifies the other colors. Allowing for fun dimension in the blocks makes it something that will please a toddler and the young-at-heart. Thanks, Moira for showing it to us.

We just really love Gina Maddox’s quilt and the idea behind it. So much of happiness comes from the building and keeping of good memories…and symbolizing those somehow. Many of us traditionally do that with photos from fun vacations or meaningful events. Stitching those good memories into a colorful quilt, however, is something that can easily be seen and enjoyed and used as a focal point for story-telling for generations. Gina explains the quilt and the good times:

“Acrazy quilt designed by my husband’s grand daughters during their summer vacation trip to stay with us in Florida. They rummaged through my fabric stash, decided what they wanted on each square to remind them of the trip – hunting lizards, picking plumeria, morning coffee with GiGi, going to the beach with PaPa, the Florida sunshine, and everyone’shandprints. The youngest grand daughter brought it to school for her “what I did this summer” project. She said the boys were jealous becauseshe caught lizards and had one on her quilt. Not exactly the best quiltI’ve ever made but certainly the most memorable for the recipients of the quilt. Fun times!”

It’s a great idea that many of us can adapt. Spread the good memories and tell the stories! Thanks so much, Gina, for giving us all an idea of how to capture vacation memories in such a bright and cheerful way.

This memory quilt was posted by Jennifer Faulker and made by her mother. Jennifer explains the quilt:

“This quilt was made by my mom, Jerrie Faulkner,for my Granny’s 80th birthday (August 20, 2012). It is the hand prints of her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren., along with a few pictures of the ones that weren’t able to do hand prints. She passedaway in April 2013..

We can just imagine the joy it brought to Jennifer’s Granny when she saw all the hands. It’s a symbol of a legacy built, a pride in that those hands cans accomplish and the goodness they can hold. Thank you, Jennifer and Jerri, for sharing it with us.

Thanks to everyone who has shared how their quilts help show happiness, legacy, and bonds.

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